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The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair will switch to a two-year cycle

ABF, a.s. on the basis of negotiations with partner trade associations and a survey among exhibitors and visitors has agreed that the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair will switch to a two-year cycle.


The next REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair will therefore be held on 13 – 15 May 2025 at PVA EXPO PRAHA Letňany, then in the spring of 2027, 2029, etc.


You will be able to see news from the world of polygraphy, which will be presented this year at the DRUPA trade fair, next year at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair.


The date of the event in 2025 provides us with sufficient time to prepare novelties, redefine new goals and strategy in line with the dynamic development of the market. We are preparing to extend the trade fair with novelties and focus on AI, photo/video and multimedia technology, 3D printing, etc.

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Write Down the Dates of Our Events Held in 2024!

Choose the events you want to attend this year and save the dates! There are plenty to choose from. Thank you for your visits last year. Thanks to you, we are the largest and most successful modern fairground in the Czech Republic. You can also download the 2024 calendar of events as a PDF file HERE.

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Take advantage of early bird rates for the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2024 trade fair

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2024 trade fair is fast approaching. Until November 30, you can register to participate in the trade fair at the best prices. If you hesitate, take a look at the photo gallery, where you will find photo documentation of the trade fair from 2017. The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair is worth it!

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The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair will present the current trends in April

Professionals from the fields of advertising, printing, packaging and innovative technologies will gather on the 25th to 27th April at the 28th edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair. Also this year, expositions full of novelties will be presented to the professional public for three days with a showcase of new technologies, products and final applications from the field of advertising, media, printing and packaging. An accompanying program will be prepared with lectures, workshops and the announcement of competition results.

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PF 2023

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Preparations for the 28th edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair are under way. Take advantage of of early bird rates which are valid until the end of this year. The application forms can be found here.

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair is a unique event of its kind, where professionals from the advertising industry meet. Last year, 147 companies exhibited and 9,873 visitors visited the fair. Become a part of the trade fair!

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The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2022 International Trade Fair in Letňany Was Visited by Almost 10,000 People

This year’s edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair focused on advertising, printing, packaging and innovative technologies enjoyed great public interest. Almost ten thousand people came to the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany to visit this event. Both Czech and foreign companies, manufacturers, suppliers in the field of advertising presented their innovations, and there was also a rich programme for professionals or car wrapping demonstrations. The official cars of the trade fair event were FORD automobiles.

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Trade fairs and events without restrictions

As of March 14, 2022, no extraordinary measures against coronavirus applicable to trade fairs and other events at the exhibition center are in the force.

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Trade fairs are accessible without Covid pass

Important change !! From February 10, trade fairs are open without proving coronavirus infectivity. Visitors and exhibitors can attend trade fairs without testing for Covid-19, proof of vaccination or immunity from illness.This step means much greater comfort for both our visitors and exhibitors. At the same time, we believe that this is a signal announcing the approaching end of the coronavirus pandemic, which we are all looking forward to. 

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The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair has been moved to May 2022

Dear Exhibitors, Business Partners and Visitors,


We would like to inform you about the postponement of the 27th edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2021 trade fair to May 2022.

The current development of the global SARS - CoV-2 pandemic and the related measures ordered by the government do not currently allow organization of mass events, including trade fairs.

For these reasons, we´ve stopped the preparations for the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2021 trade fair and set a new date for the event, namely from 3 to 5 May 2022, again at the PVA EXPO PRAHA.

We believe that it will finally be possible to organize the trade fair without major restrictions in the expected scope and attendance in this new date.


Thank you for your support and comprehension.


The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair team

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27th edition of the trade fair for advertising, printing, packaging and innovative technologies REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY will be held on 11 -13 May 2021. This trade fair with a long tradition plans to present the latest trends, production processes and modern solutions in the filed of signmaking, printing, POP/POS, packaging technologies, promotional gifts, as well as 3D printers.

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Become an Exhibitor at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2021 Trade Fair

Dear Exhibitors,

preparations for the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2021 trade fair are under way. Take advantage of the early bird rates which are valid until 31 October 2020. You can find the application form here. Alternatively, please contact the trade fair manager who will help you.


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Next edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair is scheduled for 2021

Dear business partners,

owing to the extraordinary measure given by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, has been banned organization of all public and private events as well, with participation by more than 100 persons being in force since the 10 March 2020. According to this restriction we proposed to postpone date of this trade fair for autumn month October 2020.

After careful consideration and on the basis of the communication with key partners and exhibitors we came to the joint opinion that the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair will be held in 2021. The main reason for this key decision is supported by our effort for sustaining of this branche compactness, high level and prestige established during the time of this trade fair existence as well.

Next edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair is scheduled on 11 – 13 May 2021. Place of this trade fair PVA EXPO PRAHA is changeless.

Relevant managers of this trade fair will contact you in the next few days in order to discuss further steps and conditions of liabilities settlement associated with your participation in the trade fair.

Many thanks for your understanding, we are looking forward to joint preparation of this trade fair, which will be held in the ordinary spring time.

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Current Information to the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY 2020

Dear Business Partners,

With regards to the extraordinary measures of the Government and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the preparations for the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair have been suspended. We are trying to find a new date, the assumption is autumn 2020.

We kindly ask you for your patience.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Team of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY trade fair

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Printing in Firms Is Changing. In What Way Will It Develop in 2020?

Digitalisation is changing the world, and protection of the environment affects all sectors. And manufacturers of printing equipment will also have to ask the question in what direction to set out in the years to come. The year 2020 is bringing a lot of challenges. What are the main five trends inevitably affecting the printing sector? We are introducing these trends briefly and gradually in two teasers intended (not only) for exhibitors and visitors of the best-known Czech trade fair for printing, advertising and packaging, known as Reklama Polygraf Obaly.

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Sample Collections – Inconspicuous Assistants of Printing Experts

As it is already clear from the name of the event (Reklama Polygraf Obaly) and as verified by the long-term tradition – colourfulness and printing quality demonstrated by using the state-of-the art technologies are directly reflected in all the halls of the trade fair, whether on posters, packages, displays or advertising objects. Printing is carried out by using both CMYK process and spot colours. And just, as far as spot colours are concerned, an important role is played by sample collections. Of course, the offer of the exhibitors usually includes both material and printing sample collections so that everyone can find their favourites there.

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Smart solutions for (almost) every user

Konica Minolta belongs among regular exhibitors at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. This company is at the same time, whether from the viewpoint of its original exposition or thanks to its sophisticated programme, one of those exhibitors which cannot be overlooked in any case.

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Christmas and packages go together

Christmas holidays should not be a season full of stress, but conversely, they should be a period of calm and comfort. They are associated also with Christmas gifts which are again connected with packages and packing. These are one of the topics which are followed up also by the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair every year. Regardless of the fact that trade fair preparations are fully underway, let us try to think about Christmas packages a little bit on our web site too.


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Advent calendars - design inspiration

The atmosphere before Christmas is supported by a number of activities directly connected with Christmas holidays. Some activities concern packaging experts and advertising industries as well. Advent calendars have always belonged among very popular items. It is, however, true that we have registered a strong development since the times when these articles were unified flat calendars with perforated windows containing a concealed piece of chocolate.

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Scodix in connection with W2P

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair visitors can get familiar with the digital structural effect-making varnishing system “Scodix” thanks to the DataLine Technology company, which represents Scodix on our market, and at the same time it belongs among the most frequently visited exhibitors at the PVA Prague Exhibition Centre in Letňany. Scodix is coming with another innovation this year, in the form of an offer of the W2P workflow.

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News from the world of Kongsberg plotters

Almost every manufacturer of carboard products or signmaking systems knows Kongsberg cutting plotters, at least by the brand. Plotters are known through their high quality, variability and performance. A non-negligible advantage is that their production takes place in our country in Brno. At the end of summer, the ESKO company, which is a manufacturer of the plotters, presented several innovations.

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Polygraphy merges the world of printing, advertising and packaging

The trend of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair, which was registered by many visitors as well as exhibitors, is the continually increasing segment of printing or digital technologies. It would, however, be a great mistake to think that POLYGRAF is the main pacesetter among all the three parts of one of the best-known trade fairs on the Czech market.

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A successful story started at the Prague Exhibition Centre!

The Xerox company belongs among traditional exhibitors at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. As far as last year is concerned, the PVA Exhibition Centre in Prague Letňany was selected even by the Xerox company for the European premiere of its unique Xerox Iridesse technology. Since its introduction to the market, this machine has been attracting an authorised interest all over the world and it has achieved a number of appraisals as well. The latest one was obtained in the second half of this year’s May from the European Digital Press Association.

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Trade fair as a platform for manufacturers of processing technologies and their clients

Successful business meetings are implemented at the trade fair every year not only by suppliers of digital technologies, but also by the segment of processing technologies. It is possible to find really a large number of these firms at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany and it is not possible to classify them all into several subgroups only. Great attention has been paid this year (without limitation) to the exhibitors of cutting plotters, milling machines, CNC or laser systems.

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The trade fair helps customers in their decision making concerning the purchase of a digital machine

With development of digital technologies, it is currently almost impossible to imagine a manufacturer of packaging materials, advertising agency or signmaking area without any “digital technology”. New capital expenditures are implemented or at least prepared not only by the existing or conversely beginning users, but a current trend is represented also by classical large producers of conventional technologies, who use digital printing technologies as an attractive alternative for extension of their business opportunities.

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How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors? 2nd Part

The interconnection of the sectors of Advertising, Polygraph and Packaging which are often also very closely interlinked has been considered as good idea at these trade fairs already since their beginning.

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How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors?

From the viewpoint of both visitors and exhibitors, this year’s trade fair is assessed very positively. In order that the existing as well as potential exhibitors intending to take part in the next edition can make an idea, some companies with different business offers gradually present their opinions through answers to the same questions.

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