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Smart solutions for (almost) every user

Konica Minolta belongs among regular exhibitors at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. This company is at the same time, whether from the viewpoint of its original exposition or thanks to its sophisticated programme, one of those exhibitors which cannot be overlooked in any case. With similar success it presents its range of products and services also at other national and international events as well as competitions. At the end of last year, it enriched the series of its awards also with the prize known as “The IT Product of the Year”.


Konica Minolta is perceived as a progressive supplier of office, printing, production as well as finishing technologies. It belongs also among developers of various platforms, the newest ones of them include e.g. the Workplace Hub consisting of a number of tools serving for improvement of administration of the Client’s IT systems. Thanks to cooperation with other strong partners in the sector it is able to design the most advanced server technologies in combination with top-level security systems.


IT Product of the Year 2019

The fact that Konica Minolta is a notion not only in the field of printing but also in the field of IT technologies was appreciated at the end of November also within the framework of the competition known as “IT Product of the Year”, which is organised by the edition board of Computerworld. The aim is to highlight the products featuring the characteristics which markedly differ them from competitors’ products of the same category. This may involve both generally innovative product concepts and individual functional upgrades, markedly simplified control or – for example – an exceptionally advantageous price.


Comprehensive and safe IT systems with the help of the Workplace Hub

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech was awarded a prestigious prize in the category of comprehensive information systems for its proposal of the Corporate IT Infrastructure for 1m2, during which just the Workplace Hub platform was used with great success.

Závěrečná zpráva 2019