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Polygraphy merges the world of printing, advertising and packaging

The trend of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair, which was registered by many visitors as well as exhibitors, is the continually increasing segment of printing or digital technologies. It would, however, be a great mistake to think that POLYGRAF is the main pacesetter among all the three parts of one of the best-known trade fairs on the Czech market. The fact is that also another piece of knowledge collected from the responses of both visitors and exhibitors of this year’s edition is rather surprising …


The area of printing, especially digital printing, cannot be perceived, already for quite a long time, only in terms of technologies or (on the other hand) mercantile criteria or printed periodicals. Digital printing brings many challenges and especially a great potential. The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair presented technologies addressing both producers and suppliers of the packaging as well as advertising segments. And even this fact is another proof that it was a right decision to merge the advertising world with the packaging sphere at the trade fair. Besides, packages also bear advertising, whether visible or invisible, subliminal message, which means that the link among all the three segments is really strong.


Targeted advertising campaign brings the required clientele to the Exhibition Centre

The trade fair for printing, packaging and advertising is, by the way, interconnected also in promotional activities carried out before the event. Within the framework of targeted advertising campaigns of the trade fair promotion it is necessary to mention dozens of PR contributions, advertisements, as well as outdoor advertising. In order to increase the number of professional visitors and therefore also to foster the potential clientele of exhibitors, the organisers present various billboards and megaboards in frequented places every year.


The Internet-based advertising is successful as well

On the one hand, there is an interconnection with printed specialised periodicals, and on the other hand – the regularly issued Newsletter is distributed in a targeted way and electronic form to thousands of addresses. The organisers ensure the e-direct service which is successful at present too. Almost 15,000 visitors were invited to the trade fair in an electronic form. The Newsletter was followed up by the PPC campaign working with several types of banners which appeared almost on one hundred web sites. The targeted online campaign within the framework of the Internet-based advertising area on Facebook, Google, Seznam was not missing either. The promotion of the trade fair in foreign countries is a matter-of-course too.



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