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Display Is Not Just a “Mute” Shop Assistant!

Display Is Not Just a “Mute” Shop Assistant!

The range of displays and other POS production is an important communication promotional means. While in the 19th century, when the first displays appeared, people started to speak about them as about mute shop assistants, the current displays must address customers much more. Users would like promotional advertising objects, stands or banners to offer especially a story with which they could identify themselves.


Displays and other POS products support sales volumes in a significant way. The offer of these means is really wide, from table stands to floor displays and integrated solutions of such a type as e.g. tasting points of sale. The support of a product, however, by far need not be limited to the elements which are connected with it as a direct carrier. An efficient support advertising includes rollers (roll-up systems), boards, banners, wobblers, stoppers and other products.

Attractiveness associated with long lifetime

One of the most quickly growing companies supplying portable displays all over Europe is Very Displays. Exceptional high-quality POS products are often absolutely non-interchangeable from the viewpoint of their design and create alternatively a great competition advantage for their users. A benefit is a long lifetime – many solutions are offered in a material combination, with a firm structural frame.

Modern advertising with a large marketing potential

The Ultima Displays brand has quickly become a European leader on the visual communication market with its unique range of products and services. The company which is a part of the P3 Group offers a complete range of portable and folding solutions intended for the European market. The LED Trappa wall-mounted frames are very popular too. The frame is equipped with a LED backlight system and thanks to this system it is able to create a stylish and interesting display on any wall. The LED backlight system featuring a low consumption is lit on all the four sides and helps to create a really attractive type of graphics which is very easy to interchange as well.

A full POS product range at affordable prices

Both classical and digital eye-catchers, light frames, as well as a large range of caption display cases (information, interior, outdoor, for posters, etc.) – this is just a part of the offer of the well-known supplier of successful POS solutions, the Jansen Display company. Among the most attractive products of this company it is necessary to mention also floor eye-catchers, which are highly visible and effective communication tools. At the same time, they are, however, also highly resistant, of a design type, and last but not least they are offered at very affordable prices.