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Scodix in connection with W2P

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair visitors can get familiar with the digital structural effect-making varnishing system “Scodix” thanks to the DataLine Technology company, which represents Scodix on our market, and at the same time it belongs among the most frequently visited exhibitors at the PVA Prague Exhibition Centre in Letňany. Scodix is coming with another innovation this year, in the form of an offer of the W2P workflow.


W2P (Web-to-Print) is a solution for the online communication of a client ordering the printing service with a manufacturer of printed matters through the web browser. The communication includes all, from graphic design processing and calculation, to determination of a possible delivery term and automatic sending of information concerning a dispatched order, including the presupposed delivery time.


Scodix Studio W2P presents its range of services

In connection especially with the e-commerce segment, the importance of the W2P communication is growing. It was this year’s summer when Scodix, a leading world provider of digital finishing services, announced the launch of the SW news in the form of Scodix Studio W2P. The new workflow in the form with Scodix Studio W2P can be integrated, without any problems into all main existing web-to-print work procedures, thanks to which digital finishing becomes an online matter even for the most demanding tasks in the web-to-print area.


Simplicity means an increase in quality and performance

The sets of designs with the marked effect-making finishing are sent to SW Scodix Studio W2P, which processes data automatically, and after their processing they are sent for printing to Scodix Ultra. The SW service increases not only the possibilities of the use, but at the same time it increases also productivity of the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Presses equipment and therefore also of the entire work procedure. The MIS (Management Information System) integration is also made possible thanks to advanced solutions of Scodix Studio W2P.


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