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Christmas and packages go together

Christmas holidays should not be a season full of stress, but conversely, they should be a period of calm and comfort. They are associated also with Christmas gifts which are again connected with packages and packing. These are one of the topics which are followed up also by the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair every year. Regardless of the fact that trade fair preparations are fully underway, let us try to think about Christmas packages a little bit on our web site too.


While still not so long ago most consumers tended to prefer their own and personal ways of packaging in Christmas paper to “specialised” professional packaging services, now it is already possible to observe, according to various surveys, even in this area a slight shift towards original professional packaging from various professional services, which are provided either directly by shops or are offered from stands near the shops. But moreover, in any way, besides this external package, an important role is played also by the actual gift package, often even adapted to the Christmas atmosphere.


Paper and cardboard packages play an active role

Although the package design is connected with a number of materials, it is true that the most frequent variants are packages made of paper materials, most often in the form of a cardboard box. At Christmas time, many products are packed not only in classical packages of flat or corrugated cardboard, but it is clear that especially at this time consumers highly appreciate added value of combination cardboards.


Metal packages and etuis are perceived more as premium items

Among very popular packages it is necessary to mention also slightly more expensive metal packages at which their users appreciate also their practical importance in the form of their subsequent secondary use, when they can be used also for storage of other things in the household. A regular boom can be observed in the packaging of jewels – current etuis have not only an aesthetic function supported thanks to their internal (often textile) fixation, but also their lids are often decorated with origami, beads etc. Among very original solutions it is necessary to mention the internal system of etui fixation with an added value, e.g. folding structures in which the gift recipients can find their present. This means packaging with a story because stories are inherently associated with Christmas as well.

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