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A successful story started at the Prague Exhibition Centre!

A successful story started at the Prague Exhibition Centre!

The Xerox company belongs among traditional exhibitors at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. As far as last year is concerned, the PVA Exhibition Centre in Prague Letňany was selected even by the Xerox company for the European premiere of its unique Xerox Iridesse technology. Since its introduction to the market, this machine has been attracting an authorised interest all over the world and it has achieved a number of appraisals as well. The latest one was obtained in the second half of this year’s May from the European Digital Press Association.


Xerox Iridesse is the only digital printing machine which is able to print, with a high precision, up to six colours in the only through-pass with a capability of improving the output by decorative metallic, transparent and white inks. This approach means that digital printers have more possibilities in the field of the actual design and facilitate printing of attractive press applications even in small volumes.


The highest award right in three categories

The Iridesse production machine was selected and appraised by the EDP on Wednesday, 15 May 2019, within the framework of the largest European exhibition focused on specialised printing, i.e. FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, for the success in three categories – costs, effectiveness and quality.


Successful case study

One of the first clients who were testing Iridesse was the London-based company “IPW1”. The successful testing was followed by installation of the Iridesse printers all over Europe, including leading British commercial providers of printing services, i.e. Hickling & Squires and Hobs Repro, Italy-based Furlan Grafica, Spanish Adaequo and ByPrint Madrid, Swiss ILG Druck and Printsalon operating in Benelux.

The Iridesse production machine provides designers and digital providers of printing services with capabilities of differing among individual offers and extending business activities with the help of multiple functions, better quality and major flexibility at lower expenses.


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