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Selection of high-quality materials is important

Suppliers of materials will present their offers on the exhibition area at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair as well. No matter whether main attention is paid to packaging, POS or a particular type of advertising announcement of area or spatial nature, all these tools depend not only on the quality of print or production, but the resulting perception is given quite often just by the selection of high-quality materials.



Solution for standard manufacturers as well as creative designers


Printing, packaging, office as well as technical materials are offered by a leading European supplier having its representation on the Czech market as well, namely Papyrus.

Apart from standard series of paper, smooth as well as corrugated cardboards, this company supplies many special applications too. They include also the Gmund Wood materials offered now on an exclusive basis within the Papyrus Specials collection. Gmund Wood is available in two surfaces - Solid and Veneer. Solid follows up to the former Savanna collection and reminds high-quality solid wood. Original wood relief stamping is visible on the surface. Unlike this, Solid reminds veneer through its structure. The slightly bright finish increases this impression and provides paper with additional protection.


Quality for signmaking from Spandex


Spandex represents world famous brands and offers a wide range of materials for signmaking and digital print. The rich offer of the company includes also various foils, virtually of all types, whether they are cast, rolled or special foils. Customers’ demand is highly concentrated on cast foils, and although they represent a more expensive variant they can outweigh this “disadvantage” several times, especially at applying stickers to corporate vehicles, thanks to their properties. These foils are an optimum solution for really extreme situations in the exterior, and therefore they are appreciated on a long-term basis mainly by car rental companies focused on cars with stickers. Cast foils are very stable; they almost do not shrink at all. They are basically thinner and softer, and for this reason they are easier to process (cutting, peeling off and application). Cast foils are at the same time suitable also for irregular subbase, for example on rivets or textures.

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