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To the Exhibition Centre for High-quality Paper-based and Other Materials

To the Exhibition Centre for High-quality Paper-based and Other Materials

Time is the greatest enemy of modern people. And traditional visitors operating as designers or material procurement experts appreciate the Reklama Polygraf Obaly Trade Fair every year when they can see how many appointments it is possible to organise during one day of their visit. It has already become a tradition lasting for several years that almost all leading suppliers of graphic as well as office papers, cardboards and foils present their articles at the Exhibition Centre. It is possible to assess quality of individual substrates directly at the trade fair because samples, including examples of their use, are not missing at the exhibitors’ expositions.


The quality of package or polygraph production is formed of general high-quality implementation of production. It is affected, in a significant extent, by data preparation and technological equipment during production. A significant aspect is, however, also the material used for production of the package, display or other products. It does not pay to underestimate the importance of material selection. High-quality selection of materials is also a core factor for the area of signmaking, advertising or car wrapping, which is also a traditional part of the event at the Exhibition Centre.


High-quality material of packages increases product marketability potentials

We live in the world of abundance and excess, which leads to a high supply of all types of products and fights for customers. While in the area of transport packages we are dealing rather with load bearing capacities of packages, for consumer, gift or advertising packages we are interested much more in visual impressions. An advanced form during the design development is the effort of involving more senses in the selection process (finalised by purchase of a product) than just the sight. 


People choose by seeing, touching as well as smelling

In case of folding packages, it has been evidenced that consumers appreciate not only impressive graphics, but also some additional benefits. Marketability is positively influenced by 2D materials with 3D surface. How is it possible to achieve this condition? High whiteness and smoothness ensure excellent printing and effective use even in the case of application of special effects. For high-quality coated cardboards it is possible to use e.g. precision of stamping or microstamping. Many luxury paper and cardboard materials can provide also another additional visual impression (touch effect, pearly impression, surface structure, various types of gloss etc.). In combination with the surface structure, high-quality cardboards can provide customers with very pleasant haptic experience. In the offers of many exhibitors it is possible to find a number of substrates featuring various colours and surfaces (marbled, smooth, stamped etc.). Many materials are intended also for possible printing by means of digital technologies. High-quality cardboards or paper materials are also suitable for further refinement, including structural treatments or use of fragrance varnishes. The result then consists in involvement of more senses at the same time and great shopping experience.

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