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News from the world of Kongsberg plotters

Almost every manufacturer of carboard products or signmaking systems knows Kongsberg cutting plotters, at least by the brand. Plotters are known through their high quality, variability and performance. A non-negligible advantage is that their production takes place in our country in Brno. At the end of summer, the ESKO company, which is a manufacturer of the plotters, presented several innovations.


The newest offered cutting table is currently Kongsberg C Edge, which is ideal for both the area of signmaking and for sampling and production of packages of corrugated board. The cutting board features not only reliability and high robustness, which is able to absorb undesirable shocks in connection with a high-quality structure very well, but also a high production speed with regard to the materials processed.


Excellent cut in production speed

While maintaining high quality standards, the plotter offers its users also an increase in productivity at a cutting speed of up to 75 m/min in combination with acceleration of up to 1G. The Kongsberg C Edge plotters can still be gradually improved. With the growth of your company, Kongsberg C Edge develops as well and can be easily upgraded in terms of both speed and acceleration.


Is it possible to use the Kongsberg plotters for simulation of cut-outs as well? Yes, it is…

Another innovation from ESKO Kongsberg is the Dual Heavy Duty unit. Thanks to this news, operators need not intervene manually in the exchange of tools anymore. Conversely, the working head switches over and uses the right tool automatically during the work process, whereby it significantly increases the production effectiveness. Dual Heavy Duty provides better quality of bends (especially in case of complicated grooving systems at multilayer cardboards) as well as on items with a high content of recycled materials.

In combination with the Esko CorruSpeed tool, the technology can cut and perforate corrugated board in the quality of a conventional cut-out in a full speed of the machine up to 100 m/min, which is currently the best solution for small to medium-size production orders of digital cut-out at products made of corrugated board, including displays and other POS production.



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