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Advent calendars - design inspiration

The atmosphere before Christmas is supported by a number of activities directly connected with Christmas holidays. Some activities concern packaging experts and advertising industries as well. Advent calendars have always belonged among very popular items. It is, however, true that we have registered a strong development since the times when these articles were unified flat calendars with perforated windows containing a concealed piece of chocolate.


Advent calendars of these days do not represent just a popular type of a sweet gift for children, many of them surprise us with their sophisticated structure, original graphics as well as with an untraditional product inside. Let us go and get inspired, in the pre-Christmas period, by advent calendars which can be suitable B2B presents too.


Rule number one: Surprise

The product itself should be a nice surprise for the recipient. Advent calendars are closely related with chocolate squares, and that is why producers of B2B advent calendars focus (in spite of the fact that chocolate frequently appears in this area too, as it is just simply associated with Christmas) on another type of products quite often – e.g. tea, small bottles (chocolate, with alcoholic or soft drinks), but they are often not afraid of trying even fully untraditional matters, such as socks, perfumes, toys etc. And different types of products require different kinds of packages as well.


Rule number two: Joy of unpacking

A sophisticated type of packaging plays an important role in connection with B2B gifts too. By the way, it can be ensured also from the original flat rectangular structure, whether by means of interesting graphics or just by using different types of window perforations. Nevertheless, if an advent calendar is intended for products with a large volume, it is necessary to prepare a tailor-made structure for it. Among very nice items it is possible to mention various packages for advent calendars in the style of buildings, barrels or Christmas trees.


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