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REKLAMA POLYGRAF to Celebrate a Quarter of a Century

The jubilee 25th edition of the International trade fair REKLAMA POLYGRAF, which is a unique platform for the sharing of news, will be held from 29 May to 31 May 2018. Modern and attractive expositions of Czech and foreign firms, manufacturers and suppliers from the field of advertising and communication will be offered by the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre under one roof.

Simultaneously with the jubilee 25th edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair also the 2nd edition of the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair focused on packaging innovations will be held. The merger of both the trade fairs has proven to be a very successful concept. During the last year’s edition, the interconnection of the two trade fairs presented 294 firms, 59 of which being from foreign countries (namely from 11 states) within the framework of the two trade fair events held on the area of 11,500 m2. The organisers suppose, already now according to the number of indicators and feedbacks provided from the exhibitors as well as visitors, a similar rate of success at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Letňany Exhibition Centre in 2018.

The Trade Fair was changing the place as well as the structure of exhibitors in the course of years

From its modest beginnings in the relatively compressed area of the Hibernian House (Dům u Hybernů) and the Industrial Palace at the Holešovice Exhibition Centre to the crisis period, the trade fair has grown and developed into the modern exhibition halls of the Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre.

Together with the change of place of its organisation, also the structure of the exhibitors has developed through the time. During the last years’ event it is possible to observe a drop in the field of gift objects – formerly large-volume orders of such a type as lighters, pencils, umbrellas or flash disks – feature a large drop while original and personalised gifts in smaller volumes are sought for. The sector is affected very much by fashion waves, which concerns in particular the area of VIP gifts. Like last year, the exhibition will offer a large number of presentations of various firms offering advertising textile materials where the primary role is played by the selection of materials and high resistance of textiles. Traditional exhibitors are always the firms offering printing activities and embroidery patterns or advertising chocolates.

The trade fair for advertising services will offer, like in previous years, large space for the meeting of personalities from the sector, but it will present also the latest trends, manufacturing procedures and modern solutions of the advertising communication.

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