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The Cheapest Package May Not Be the Least Expensive One…

The Cheapest Package May Not Be the Least Expensive One…

Advertising, printing and packages go hand in hand with each other, and it is the case of this year’s REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair too. Without successful fulfilment of marketing functions of packages many products would be unable to compete successfully on the market featuring abundancy and surplus of supply. This means that package designs are very important for product marketability. Current technologies are able to offer a number of benefits which often increase marketability of the goods, although this often does not mean any price undercutting, but quite the opposite!


It does not pay to save cost of premium packages

If producers want their product to be perceived in a qualitatively higher category, the package must correspond to this philosophy too. While in case of a simple transport flap box customers appreciate, besides its trouble-free functionality, especially its lower price, in case of sales premium packages the savings at any price conversely might not pay in the end. The product itself is in this case a more expensive article, and therefore saving on packaging is not too appropriate. Not only will low-quality packages or packages raising low-end impressions at first sight hardly increase marketability, but they often will not support the brand credibility either. On the other hand, if designers are able to project an attractive story which is credible for consumers into the package, even though at a price of its increased production costs, consumers interconnect the design with the product and are willing to pay little more for the increased quality.


Multi-colour printing and what else…

Although it may seem that the printing quality has already reached its culmination, it continues to rise. Most printers use CMYK ++ printing systems. In order to be more visible among many competitors it is therefore almost a must, especially for premium products, to use any of modern refinement methods for packages. Besides stamping, lamination or conventional varnishing with matt or high-gloss lacquers in area-wide or partial designs, creation of the surface structure belongs among the most attractive modern methods of refinement. Together with screen printing processes, the effect creating structural lacquering is currently created especially with the help of digital technologies. In the extending supply it is possible to create not only various surface structures, but also to use untraditional lacquers, for example with additions of glitters etc.


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