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Package Must Sell!

Package Must Sell!

It has already become a tradition that many producers of packages attend the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. And the same will hold also for next spring, when this trade fair is to celebrate already the 26th edition of its organisation. The current world of packages is inherently and very closely connected with the world of advertising and press. And the marketing functions performed by packages have not been just an added value already for quite a long time, but belong, especially in case of consumer packages, among primary functions.


Subliminal advertising on the package must not be deceptive!


Besides direct (both mandatory and non-mandatory) texts, consumer packages offer also a large area for advertising purposes. The appearance of these notices, promotion texts, client competitions etc. is, however, not the only marketing possibility. Packages often have also subliminal effects on consumers, for example through their graphic expression, structure, colour etc. Even though Czech packages feature a high quality, their potential is unfortunately  not completely used yet in terms of their use for advertising notices or subliminal effects, which is a pity not only for producers of the goods, but also for consumers. The superstructure opportunities which packages can provide to products can be seen very often at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair as well. Interesting possibilities presented by exhibitors from among package producers are not only a great inspiration for many visitors, but they can bring also a lot of interesting business opportunities for exhibitors.

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