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How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors? 2nd Part

How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors?  2nd Part

The interconnection of the sectors of Advertising, Polygraph and Packaging which are often also very closely interlinked has been considered as good idea at these trade fairs already since their beginning. Although the printing and refinement technologies are probably most dominating at the trade fair, the actual producers are not missing there either, i.e. including packaging material manufacturers. The Achilles company is one of those which have belonged among “expressive faces” of the event already for several editions.


One of the best-known manufacturers of coated and luxurious cardboard products belongs to the Achilles Group. The resulting products are typical of high-quality precise production design in connection with excellent printing and impressive refinement. Mr. Jiří Šonka, Executive Officer of the Company, explains why the company exhibits at the trade fair on a regular basis.


How many times have you already taken part as an exhibitor in the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair?

We have taken part in this exhibition already for the eighth time this year.


How do you assess this year’s edition?

In my opinion, the level of the exhibition improves every year. It can be seen especially in the area of printing technologies in the context of digital processes, which register a very fast progress. This goes hand in hand with user friendliness and operation comfort, scope of the range of use and last but not least also the application in practice.

For us, known as “packaging specialists” in the category of coated cardboard products, the development does not proceed so quickly, nevertheless we are witnesses of changes on the market and we can see gradual penetration of enquiries that are associated with integration of electronics. The trend of further improvements and extraordinary optical and haptic requirements for luxurious cardboard products continues. We are not only carriers of practical – production skills, but we are able to apply our “skilfulness” also in the area of refinement of surfaces by way of multiple offers of laminations, varnishes and other haptic effects during implementation of demanding projects for significant foreign brands. In this spirit we took part in interesting discussions with new prospects and I am rather impatient in terms of expectation of our next cooperation.


On the other hand, what were you missing at the trade fair?

In my personal opinion, this exhibition is missing events with support of marketing or advertising agencies which are in primary contacts with their clients, and therefore they can immediately and quickly transform opinions and changes in the market into practice. This is not the case there.


Do you preliminarily consider taking part in the next edition of the event?

Definitely yes. I consider our participation in this event to be not only a matter of my personal prestige, but if I am to speak on behalf of the team of Achilles CZ, then it is necessary to stress that meeting new people, new requirements for new products and last but not least also the possibility of seeing beautiful products of other “packaging experts” are enormously interesting, enriching and important inspirations for the work of all of us within the company.  

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