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Insight into the advertising world

Insight into the advertising world

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair is naturally connected with the advertising world. Besides advertising textiles and office supplies, also USB or flash disks belong among   popular useful office objects. Flash disks provide their users not only with practical benefits in the form of their use, but they refer to their donor also through the logo used. The print can be implemented in various ways, at present most frequently in a digital way, by way of pad printing (tampography) or screen process printing. And if you want a gift in the form of a flash disk to be still more expressive, it is possible to add another promotional accent through an untraditional shape.


IT gift fulfils an advertising function on a long-term basis

It is a well-known fact that a disk need not be, by far, the only “computer” gift which fulfils a promotional function. The ZPROGOteam company is a specialist for IT gifts of all types. The offer of this supplier includes, apart from flash disks, also power banks, selfie bars, etc. The relative innovations in the product range include also a video booklet representing an absolutely unique connection of the image, sound and emotions. The LCD display is embedded in luxurious covers which are printed in the company’s own design. The high-quality sound is distributed from the loudspeaker which is embedded in the cover system. As soon as the covers are opened, the video presentation starts in an automatic way. You can use the video booklet for the VIP presentation of the firm, exhibitions, service projects, new products, PR, anniversaries, original thanks, training or as an invitation card.


Would you prefer an advertising tray, cup or magnetic card? Or whatever else …..?

Even though the today’s period of tablets and laptops makes it possible to control the IT means in a touch manner, many users prefer a mouse during their work with PC. Interesting advertising pads under your mouse are supplied by NOEX Sp. z o.o. S.K.  This company is, by the way, a specialist focused on advertising pads of all kinds. With its product range it can serve also for inspiration; and you will see that for advertising purposes it is possible to use, for example, also coin systems, trays or gadgets of various types. Among important suppliers of a number of advertising objects it is necessary to mention also the badge 4U company which is not to be missing at the Letňany Exhibition Centre in May either. This means that visitors can get themselves familiar, in Hall 3, with a really wide product range in the form of openers, car fragrances, magnetic cards, self-adhesives, hangers etc., which can be purposefully used again for promotion of the firm in the form of B2B gifts. Also the K-Square s. r. o. company has a wide offer of articles. The highly demanded service includes also production of corporate cups where really everybody can choose from the wide offer of shapes and designs.


An advertising sweet point at the end

And to the very end – an advertising article need not be necessarily a thing with a long lifetime. Very popular giveaways are also advertising types of candies, mainly chocolates. And chocolates will not be missing at this year’s trade fair either. Advertising, promotional as well as festive types of high-quality chocolates will not be missing at the stand of the well-known supplier, the Čokoládovny Fikar, s.r.o. company, which is a traditional manufacturer of hollow figures and other special advertising chocolate products.


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