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A successful story started at the Prague Exhibition Centre!

The Xerox company belongs among traditional exhibitors at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. As far as last year is concerned, the PVA Exhibition Centre in Prague Letňany was selected even by the Xerox company for the European premiere of its unique Xerox Iridesse technology. Since its introduction to the market, this machine has been attracting an authorised interest all over the world and it has achieved a number of appraisals as well. The latest one was obtained in the second half of this year’s May from the European Digital Press Association.


Xerox Iridesse is the only digital printing machine which is able to print, with a high precision, up to six colours in the only through-pass with a capability of improving the output by decorative metallic, transparent and white inks. This approach means that digital printers have more possibilities in the field of the actual design and facilitate printing of attractive press applications even in small volumes.


The highest award right in three categories

The Iridesse production machine was selected and appraised by the EDP on Wednesday, 15 May 2019, within the framework of the largest European exhibition focused on specialised printing, i.e. FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, for the success in three categories – costs, effectiveness and quality.


Successful case study

One of the first clients who were testing Iridesse was the London-based company “IPW1”. The successful testing was followed by installation of the Iridesse printers all over Europe, including leading British commercial providers of printing services, i.e. Hickling & Squires and Hobs Repro, Italy-based Furlan Grafica, Spanish Adaequo and ByPrint Madrid, Swiss ILG Druck and Printsalon operating in Benelux.

The Iridesse production machine provides designers and digital providers of printing services with capabilities of differing among individual offers and extending business activities with the help of multiple functions, better quality and major flexibility at lower expenses.


Trade fair as a platform for manufacturers of processing technologies and their clients

Successful business meetings are implemented at the trade fair every year not only by suppliers of digital technologies, but also by the segment of processing technologies. It is possible to find really a large number of these firms at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany and it is not possible to classify them all into several subgroups only. Great attention has been paid this year (without limitation) to the exhibitors of cutting plotters, milling machines, CNC or laser systems.


Many exhibitors presenting these technologies have been taking part in the trade fair on a regular basis for many years, and some of them even have permanent locations of their stands. Among traditional trade fair participants, it is necessary to mention also the well-known Olomouc-based supplier “HAWE Systems”, which regularly presents solutions for both packaging specialists and the advertising sector. An advantage of cutting plotters (Aristo) as well as advanced CNC cutting and milling systems (MultiCAM) is not only their very good performance and long lifetime, but also the open architecture enabling cooperation with all industrial CAD/CAM standards.


European print-to-cut premiere at the Prague Exhibition Centre

Besides the above-mentioned technologies, Hawe offers also a solution for laser cutting (Eurolaser) or plasma cutting, as well as waterjet cutting (MultiCam). A wide offer of all these processing technologies was offered at the trade fair also by other suppliers, whether in the form of live demonstrations of technologies or presentations of finished products. It was also possible to admire a presentation of the “regular star” in the field of cutting plotters for packaging experts, from the Kongsberg company (at the Exhibition Centre presented by Macron Systems, the technology supplier).

A pleasant fact was formed of a number of premieres, not only in the field of digital press, but also from the area of processing, even at a European scale. Appropriate attention was paid to the presentation of Gerber MCT cutter. In this case the matter concerns a single print-to-cut system with complete integration of various work procedures. The technology supplier, i.e. the Spandex company, even chose the Prague Exhibition Centre for its European premiere.

Quite a large European premiere in terms of both performance and dimensions

Gerber MCT Cutter is a universal digital device which is intended not only for cutting, but also for milling and finalisation with a number of integrated work procedures. The progressive plotter type with a robust steel structure can be used for both sheets and rolls, and can be applied to both firm and flexible materials as well. Besides its stability, the technology will attract attention also in terms of its size. It is possible to supply the plotter system, in a bespoke mode, in a number of dimensions, the lowest ones being 1.6 x1.6m, but on a standard basis it is possible to offer such dimensions as up to 3.2 x 6. 4 m! The technology is controlled with the help of the highly intuitive TigerVision Gerber MCT interface, and common import CAD or graphic formats do not mean any problem for it. The system is compatible with a number of RIP SW products and printers as well.


The trade fair helps customers in their decision making concerning the purchase of a digital machine

With development of digital technologies, it is currently almost impossible to imagine a manufacturer of packaging materials, advertising agency or signmaking area without any “digital technology”. New capital expenditures are implemented or at least prepared not only by the existing or conversely beginning users, but a current trend is represented also by classical large producers of conventional technologies, who use digital printing technologies as an attractive alternative for extension of their business opportunities.


In no case is a decision about the purchase of a digital machine an easy task, and even though one can often read in the press that the most decisive factor is the price of the technology, this cliché has been obsolete for a long time. The current digital technologies offer a wide range of possibilities which are exactly tailored to the client. Of course, the wide offer can often be even less synoptic and more time demanding in terms of orientation.


REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY and digital technologies have been interconnected for a number of years

Both manufacturers and their current as well as potential clients have been assessing the attendance of the three Prague spring trade fairs very positively from the viewpoint of information and contacts. The current polygraphy has a wide offer in the area of digital press, whether in the form of variability of materials, formats as well as products. Digital press is a highly heterogeneous matter not only in terms of variable technologies or designs of machines, but of course also as far as the purchase price is concerned. Here, it is, however, especially true that a low purchase price may not mean by far the least expensive deal with regard to later operational costs, servicing etc.

A unique digital trend is CMYK++ and advanced refinement

The current quality of digital press is able to compete, without any problems, with conventional printing technologies even at an industrial scale. The largest trends include multicolour digital machines with a colour gamut as large as possible. In particular, in the field of advertising and consumer packages with added value, a great benefit is advanced refinement, especially in the form of structural effect coating. By the way, it was possible to see also these trends at the stands of the exhibitors, including the best-known companies – DataLine Technology (representing HP Indigo, Scodix, Highcon etc.), Konica Minolta, Mimaki, Oki, Bitcon, Xerox and many others.


How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors? 2nd Part

The interconnection of the sectors of Advertising, Polygraph and Packaging which are often also very closely interlinked has been considered as good idea at these trade fairs already since their beginning. Although the printing and refinement technologies are probably most dominating at the trade fair, the actual producers are not missing there either, i.e. including packaging material manufacturers. The Achilles company is one of those which have belonged among “expressive faces” of the event already for several editions.


One of the best-known manufacturers of coated and luxurious cardboard products belongs to the Achilles Group. The resulting products are typical of high-quality precise production design in connection with excellent printing and impressive refinement. Mr. Jiří Šonka, Executive Officer of the Company, explains why the company exhibits at the trade fair on a regular basis.


How many times have you already taken part as an exhibitor in the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair?

We have taken part in this exhibition already for the eighth time this year.


How do you assess this year’s edition?

In my opinion, the level of the exhibition improves every year. It can be seen especially in the area of printing technologies in the context of digital processes, which register a very fast progress. This goes hand in hand with user friendliness and operation comfort, scope of the range of use and last but not least also the application in practice.

For us, known as “packaging specialists” in the category of coated cardboard products, the development does not proceed so quickly, nevertheless we are witnesses of changes on the market and we can see gradual penetration of enquiries that are associated with integration of electronics. The trend of further improvements and extraordinary optical and haptic requirements for luxurious cardboard products continues. We are not only carriers of practical – production skills, but we are able to apply our “skilfulness” also in the area of refinement of surfaces by way of multiple offers of laminations, varnishes and other haptic effects during implementation of demanding projects for significant foreign brands. In this spirit we took part in interesting discussions with new prospects and I am rather impatient in terms of expectation of our next cooperation.


On the other hand, what were you missing at the trade fair?

In my personal opinion, this exhibition is missing events with support of marketing or advertising agencies which are in primary contacts with their clients, and therefore they can immediately and quickly transform opinions and changes in the market into practice. This is not the case there.


Do you preliminarily consider taking part in the next edition of the event?

Definitely yes. I consider our participation in this event to be not only a matter of my personal prestige, but if I am to speak on behalf of the team of Achilles CZ, then it is necessary to stress that meeting new people, new requirements for new products and last but not least also the possibility of seeing beautiful products of other “packaging experts” are enormously interesting, enriching and important inspirations for the work of all of us within the company.  

How Is the 26th Edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair Assessed by Exhibitors?

From the viewpoint of both visitors and exhibitors, this year’s trade fair is assessed very positively. In order that the existing as well as potential exhibitors intending to take part in the next edition can make an idea, some companies with different business offers gradually present their opinions through answers to the same questions. Large interest has been raised for many years by the product range offered by the DataLine company. Mr. Martin Bělík, Marketing & Sales Specialist, DataLine Technology, explains the importance which this trade fair has for his company.


The DataLine company has belonged among leading exhibitors presenting advanced technologies for quite a long time. On the market it represents especially HP Indigo, Scodix and Higcon. This means super-advanced digital printing, thanks to its high quality known as digital offset, digital effect refinement, including structural varnishing and as the latest news the production type of laser cut-outs.


How many times have you already taken part as an exhibitor in the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair?

I am unable to compute this but I will say it in other words – we have not missed any of the last editions of the trade fair.


How do you assess this year’s edition? For example, whether it meant any business opportunities, shift towards a particular product range, useful contacts, overall impression etc. for you.

This year’s edition has surprised us very nicely through the large number of visitors. With regard to the structure of visitors we have not exhibited any machines this year, but examples of real products which are produced on our machines. We had many inspiring discussions and negotiations with people from advertising agencies, fine art and graphic specialists, designers as well as users of package solutions.


What were you missing at the trade fair? Would you like to propose any changes, shifts, improvements etc. in the future?

The trade fair is, more or less, the same every year, the level has been traditionally very good. A good idea was to transfer this event from hot May to April which is more pleasant in terms of temperature. I perceive rather the items of accompanying nature, which could be better – for example capacity and quality of refreshment, free parking …


Do you preliminarily consider taking part in the next edition of the event?

Polygraf will be held before Drupa, which means that we will use our participation in Polygraf for inviting our customers to that great event, to sum up: Yes, we will be present at Polygraf.


Video from Czech and Slovak Republic Championship in CAR WRAPPING


Display Is Not Just a “Mute” Shop Assistant!

The range of displays and other POS production is an important communication promotional means. While in the 19th century, when the first displays appeared, people started to speak about them as about mute shop assistants, the current displays must address customers much more. Users would like promotional advertising objects, stands or banners to offer especially a story with which they could identify themselves.


Displays and other POS products support sales volumes in a significant way. The offer of these means is really wide, from table stands to floor displays and integrated solutions of such a type as e.g. tasting points of sale. The support of a product, however, by far need not be limited to the elements which are connected with it as a direct carrier. An efficient support advertising includes rollers (roll-up systems), boards, banners, wobblers, stoppers and other products.

Attractiveness associated with long lifetime

One of the most quickly growing companies supplying portable displays all over Europe is Very Displays. Exceptional high-quality POS products are often absolutely non-interchangeable from the viewpoint of their design and create alternatively a great competition advantage for their users. A benefit is a long lifetime – many solutions are offered in a material combination, with a firm structural frame.

Modern advertising with a large marketing potential

The Ultima Displays brand has quickly become a European leader on the visual communication market with its unique range of products and services. The company which is a part of the P3 Group offers a complete range of portable and folding solutions intended for the European market. The LED Trappa wall-mounted frames are very popular too. The frame is equipped with a LED backlight system and thanks to this system it is able to create a stylish and interesting display on any wall. The LED backlight system featuring a low consumption is lit on all the four sides and helps to create a really attractive type of graphics which is very easy to interchange as well.

A full POS product range at affordable prices

Both classical and digital eye-catchers, light frames, as well as a large range of caption display cases (information, interior, outdoor, for posters, etc.) – this is just a part of the offer of the well-known supplier of successful POS solutions, the Jansen Display company. Among the most attractive products of this company it is necessary to mention also floor eye-catchers, which are highly visible and effective communication tools. At the same time, they are, however, also highly resistant, of a design type, and last but not least they are offered at very affordable prices.


From the World of Paper and Cardboard Packages

Long-term research studies have evidenced that paper products are perceived by consumers as environment-friendly products which do not cause any major load on nature. Concerning package production, paper and cardboard belong among the most frequently used substrates. At present, there are even many initiatives where these materials, especially in the package segment, often replace less environment-friendly materials or at least represent another alternative to them. Various matters of interest and news of the “paper” product range will not be missing at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany either.


At the time of hard competition, it is necessary to raise a maximum interest, which holds especially for consumer or gift packages. An attractive product range is offered by the Achilles company, which is a part of the Achilles Group and is a well-known manufacturer of binders, folders, cases and gift packages. Especially in case of gift boxes the manufacturer achieves high quality and exclusiveness not only thanks to precision production or high-quality materials, but also for the reason of wide possibilities of technological refinement (varnishes, glossy, matt, structural as well as holographic lamination, etc.).


Ottova tiskárna to celebrate its 20th birthday!

Even though Ottova tiskárna celebrates already the 20th anniversary of its establishment, the fact is that it has been manufacturing paper bags for a shorter time, but still it has been addressed its clientele since the very beginning through high quality of its products and mainly through creativity of its solutions. And visitors can see how easy or (conversely) complicated the production of a paper bag may be right at the company’s stand. A great innovation of this year is represented by wide possibilities of the offer of this company, thanks to a new technology in the form of a high-capacity laser.


From packages to POS production

Individual approach to customers, the company’s own development and design team, possibility of production from small quantities, modern technology and many years of experience in the sector, together with the focus on development and innovations, enable Paketo (GNP, s. r. o.) to create packages as well as displays with a high added value. The presentation will include also demonstrations and applications of highly popular large-format digital printing, partial varnishing or lamination.


How to successfully arrange for highly demanded small-series production?

MAILTEC SLOVAKIA, spol. s r. o. belongs among leading suppliers of digital technologies (laser, inkjet, Memjet printing technologies) which are intended especially for label production. At the Prague Exhibition Centre, however, the company will introduce, for the first time, also an interesting solution for manufacturers of packages. For the first time it will be possible to see a presentation of the unique equipment “SlimBox”, which is suitable for small-series production of box packages made of corrugated cardboard. The packages are “tailored” to particular products. This solution makes it possible to minimise the costs of packing and transport, it is possible to print directly onto the material or to mark it with a label.

In the Sign of Exclusivity and Quality

Interconnection of the fields of printing, advertising and packages at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY (ADVERTISING/POLYGRAPH/PACKAGING) Trade Fair is an especially convenient solution intended mainly for those who offer or (conversely) search for original solutions or advanced production technologies. Current manufacturers of advertising objects, designers, printing experts or package design specialists agree that one of the most important roles during development or production is played by high-quality materials. At the PVA Exhibition Centre it will be possible to see several leading suppliers of various materials in April. And today we would like to introduce at least a small sample of some material innovations.


The wholesale operation of the Igepa company belongs among progressive suppliers with a wide offer. The offer of graphic and office paper includes natural offset paper, coated paper, NCR or self-adhesive paper, cardboards, special graphic paper, paper with certificates for digital print – all of this in a wide range of surface density and formats, including atypical dimensions. Since the company belongs at the same time among the largest suppliers of materials for signmaking on the Czech market as well, it is possible to choose also from the wide range of materials, such as car wrapping materials, materials for digital large-format printing (both solvent-based and water-based machines), materials for screen process printing, engraving, milling or light advertising, plate materials, information systems, window foils.


Papyrus to present an exclusive offer of Gmund Colors

The Papyrus Bohemia company belongs among leading European suppliers of materials as well as associated services. Besides a very wide offer for industrial solutions, the company offers many creative materials. Among special innovations on our market it is suitable to mention the new types of paper “Gmund Colors”, the exclusive supplier of which is just Papyrus. The latest offer which has started to be distributed includes even three interesting innovations. A common characteristic of the Gmund Colors Food, Gmund Colors Heavy and Gmund Colors Volume paper consists of fascinating colours, high quality and perfect processability. Gmund Colors Food in 12 colour shades and with a possibility of both matt and glossy designs offers a solution in the field of luxurious packages for the food industry. From the sales expositions to high-quality packing it is possible to use Gmund Colors Heavy, which is offered by the company in surface densities from 480 to 700 g/m².  Exceptional stability is offered by the multi-component material “Gmund Colors Volume”, which is suitable for book printing, screen process printing, imprint or foundry type. It is ideal for product packages where a high quality and focus on detail are required. The core of the robust corrugated board is backed with the top-quality paper, which means that the matt design of the material surface raises a fine and very exclusive impression.


Timeless and distinctive trends

Creative materials are supplied also by the Antalis company. At the end of the year, this company presented its absolute news in Prague, in the form of the new sample book entitled “The Paper Book 2018-2021”, which is formed of sheets of individual paper materials of such brands as Conqueror, Curious Collection, Keaykolour, Rives, Rives Sensation, Pop´Set, Opale and Creative Labels.  The Keaykolour series was newly extended from existing 20 to 48 colours. Paper materials with refined metallic surface, known as Curious Metallics, have been enriched this year with 15 new timeless colours, whereby the offered pallet was extended to 30 colour shades. In the new Curious Metallics series it is possible to find not only cool colour shades (Aloe and Aquamarine), but also the deep black colour “Night”, which is as dark as night and as rich as obsidian. And even the iconic brand “Conqueror” obtained a support in the form of 3 timeless grey colour shades – Feather, Pencil and Cartridge. The book contains also such samples as Curious Alchemy, a brand-new series of five colours inspired by precious metals which can reflect light.

Do We Know This Year’s Trends in Printing?

The development of digitalisation is very fast and all branches must respond to its progress, including the printing sector. Traditional firms which want to maintain their positions also in 2019 must adapt their machinery as well as offered services just to current requirements of the market. What are the trends in the printing sector for this year?


Various working technologies will start to use artificial intelligence for facilitation of individual tasks. Already in 2018 it was possible to clarify some basic abilities of voice recognition for intelligent printers and multifunctional devices, for example at the Xerox and HP companies. This year it is possible to expect further improvements, which should depend, to a large extent, on partnerships with such companies as Google and Amazon. The strong trend of digitalisation or the development towards intelligent workplaces are, however, not the only trends. The printed and digital world will get more and more interconnected and will place a greater emphasis on safety as well.


Convergency of printing and digitalisation

Interconnection of printing and digitalisation increases demand for integrated processing of documents. In spite of fast introduction of digital and mobile technologies, many companies continue to depend, to a certain extent, on printing and according to many statistical researches it seems that this situation will persist still for several years. And just this persisting trend in the use of printing materials is an opportunity for MPS providers in the offer of integrated services in the field of paper and digital workflows.

In the opinion of the Quocirca company, Xerox has become a leader in the area of MPS services, thanks to its ConnectKey platform, which is able to transform paper into a digital form with the help of applications easily and quickly. Therefore, Xerox is able to help companies to achieve a better use of the existing investments in printing services and to provide them with consultancy facilitating the most effective setup of work processes.


Expertise in the field of IT services and further cloud expansion

According to research performed by the Quocirca company and published in the Print 2025 Report, companies will definitely prefer IT service providers to traditional print suppliers by 2025. If companies want to keep their positions in a natural way or thanks to partnership with experienced suppliers of IT services, they will have to extend the range of offered products, services and security within the framework of the services provided at a general level. Printing service management with the help of cloud systems will become still more important and almost predominant in the years to come. Its use reduces printing costs as well as the load associated with administration of more servers. It makes it possible to improve cooperation with customers with the help of a flexible and inexpensive access to printing services. This way it improves also the access of the firms providing printing services to small and medium-size enterprises (SMB) as clients. Several companies have already taken a step in this direction. Among these companies it is necessary to mention Lexmark, Xerox and Ricoh together with Y Soft and they are committed to further extend their offers.



Car Wrapping Championship of the Czech Republic and Slovakia at PVA EXPO Prague – 9 April - Hall no. 7

Car wrapping competitions are very popular in the world and almost always they are presentations of the skills of applicators working with one brand of foils. This will hold also for this year’s REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair, when the Car Wrapping Championship of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is planned for the first day of the trade fair in the hall no. 7. Both application firms and suppliers will have a possibility of getting registered in the competition. Every competition team will have two applicators and one representative from the supplier who is to be available for visitors’ questions. The aim of the competition will be to present quality in this area, and for the competition participants it will surely be interesting to compare their skills with their competitors.


To the Exhibition Centre for High-quality Paper-based and Other Materials

Time is the greatest enemy of modern people. And traditional visitors operating as designers or material procurement experts appreciate the Reklama Polygraf Obaly Trade Fair every year when they can see how many appointments it is possible to organise during one day of their visit. It has already become a tradition lasting for several years that almost all leading suppliers of graphic as well as office papers, cardboards and foils present their articles at the Exhibition Centre. It is possible to assess quality of individual substrates directly at the trade fair because samples, including examples of their use, are not missing at the exhibitors’ expositions.


The quality of package or polygraph production is formed of general high-quality implementation of production. It is affected, in a significant extent, by data preparation and technological equipment during production. A significant aspect is, however, also the material used for production of the package, display or other products. It does not pay to underestimate the importance of material selection. High-quality selection of materials is also a core factor for the area of signmaking, advertising or car wrapping, which is also a traditional part of the event at the Exhibition Centre.


High-quality material of packages increases product marketability potentials

We live in the world of abundance and excess, which leads to a high supply of all types of products and fights for customers. While in the area of transport packages we are dealing rather with load bearing capacities of packages, for consumer, gift or advertising packages we are interested much more in visual impressions. An advanced form during the design development is the effort of involving more senses in the selection process (finalised by purchase of a product) than just the sight. 


People choose by seeing, touching as well as smelling

In case of folding packages, it has been evidenced that consumers appreciate not only impressive graphics, but also some additional benefits. Marketability is positively influenced by 2D materials with 3D surface. How is it possible to achieve this condition? High whiteness and smoothness ensure excellent printing and effective use even in the case of application of special effects. For high-quality coated cardboards it is possible to use e.g. precision of stamping or microstamping. Many luxury paper and cardboard materials can provide also another additional visual impression (touch effect, pearly impression, surface structure, various types of gloss etc.). In combination with the surface structure, high-quality cardboards can provide customers with very pleasant haptic experience. In the offers of many exhibitors it is possible to find a number of substrates featuring various colours and surfaces (marbled, smooth, stamped etc.). Many materials are intended also for possible printing by means of digital technologies. High-quality cardboards or paper materials are also suitable for further refinement, including structural treatments or use of fragrance varnishes. The result then consists in involvement of more senses at the same time and great shopping experience.

The Cheapest Package May Not Be the Least Expensive One…

Advertising, printing and packages go hand in hand with each other, and it is the case of this year’s REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair too. Without successful fulfilment of marketing functions of packages many products would be unable to compete successfully on the market featuring abundancy and surplus of supply. This means that package designs are very important for product marketability. Current technologies are able to offer a number of benefits which often increase marketability of the goods, although this often does not mean any price undercutting, but quite the opposite!


It does not pay to save cost of premium packages

If producers want their product to be perceived in a qualitatively higher category, the package must correspond to this philosophy too. While in case of a simple transport flap box customers appreciate, besides its trouble-free functionality, especially its lower price, in case of sales premium packages the savings at any price conversely might not pay in the end. The product itself is in this case a more expensive article, and therefore saving on packaging is not too appropriate. Not only will low-quality packages or packages raising low-end impressions at first sight hardly increase marketability, but they often will not support the brand credibility either. On the other hand, if designers are able to project an attractive story which is credible for consumers into the package, even though at a price of its increased production costs, consumers interconnect the design with the product and are willing to pay little more for the increased quality.


Multi-colour printing and what else…

Although it may seem that the printing quality has already reached its culmination, it continues to rise. Most printers use CMYK ++ printing systems. In order to be more visible among many competitors it is therefore almost a must, especially for premium products, to use any of modern refinement methods for packages. Besides stamping, lamination or conventional varnishing with matt or high-gloss lacquers in area-wide or partial designs, creation of the surface structure belongs among the most attractive modern methods of refinement. Together with screen printing processes, the effect creating structural lacquering is currently created especially with the help of digital technologies. In the extending supply it is possible to create not only various surface structures, but also to use untraditional lacquers, for example with additions of glitters etc.


Invitation to the 6th Edition of the 3Dexpo Trade Fair

At the sixth edition of the largest overview of 3D printing technologies which is to be held from 9 to 11 April 2019 in the Hall no. 6 of the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany, the general public will have an opportunity to get familiar with the first Czech rePET filament which arose from 100% recycled materials. This is connected with the fact that the core topic of this year’s edition is 3D print operation ecology and associated recycling. Besides the core topic, visitors may be looking forward to the greatest presentation of affordable table 3D printers and 3D scanners in one place and innovations from leading Czech manufacturers of filaments. A part of the accompanying programme will be, also this year, the all-day specialised conference and the unique competition of 3D printers.


3Dexpo Nomenclature:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of 3D printers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of filaments
  • Suppliers of 3D scanners
  • Suppliers of 3D printing services
  • Organisers of training courses and seminars


Hot Topic at the PVA EXPO Prague Exhibition Centre: Digital Production of Packages

At present, one of the main topics dealt with by package producers is interconnection of digital printing and digital cutting processes, and therefore creation of advanced digital production, whose another associated benefit is customisation, which is always more and more frequently required. Visitors can make themselves familiar with hot news during introduction of complete digitisation of package production at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair, which is to be held at the Letňany Exhibition Centre already in two months.


High-quality digital printing in connection with advanced technologies in the form of plotters, cutters or lasers is a great topic at all specialised trade fairs, including the largest ones. A pleasant fact for visitors who are looking for new possibilities of extension of their production is representation of leading suppliers from the area of digital printing and subsequent processing at the exhibition centre. This is not only about stands with presentations of artefacts or virtual production. But conversely, almost all the exhibitors who have already got registered for this event will present their technologies “in action”, which means that it will not be any problem to verify quality which should correspond with presupposed expectations!


Why digital printing of packages?

Times have changed, job volumes are reduced, but on the other hand customers require much higher flexibility. In case of conventional production, the process is longer due to necessary preparation in the form of printing plates, cutting dies etc. In case of digital production, it is necessary to have high-quality digital printing which does not need any plates. The printing process costs do not rise due to changes during the job processing. And the price of digital printing is not influenced by the size of the series either. The current production digital printing process offers much more than classical four-colour prints to manufacturers of packages or polygraph production, which used to be the case still not so long ago, for example extension of the colour gamut with other direct colours, including white and metallic colours.


Digital cutting does not mean just plotters

And it is possible to observe similar quality development trends also in case of digital cutting, which can be implemented immediately after construction approval by the customer if appropriate equipment is available. Instead of production of a blade cutting tool, the CAM output device will read data and will start to implement this data in the production process. The CAM output may be formed by both plotter and laser devices. And suppliers of both these technologies will not be missing at the exhibition centre this year either. From the viewpoint of the current development of digital cutting, producers offer solutions for the area of “only” dummy sampling as well as for full-value production processes. 

Announcement - activities of fraudulent firms!

AIDA Rule and World of Packages

The days when packages were expected to provide only protective functions in connection with a better possibility of handling have been over for many years. Current packages assumed the role of shop assistants with some of their functions (informative, marking) already long ago. At present they are frequently used also as an advertising medium (marketing-promotional or psychologically-aesthetic function). Due to hard competition it is necessary for packages to be able not only to address customers with their appearance, but they must convince them about an immediate (or slightly postponed in terms of time) purchase. Besides the rules of the marketing mix, current package developers and especially graphic artists must be able to work with the well-known AIDA rule.


In this case the matter concerns the manner of gradual, stepped and effective impacts of promotion or advertising of certain products through packages. It is just the package that must be able to draw ATTENTION (A - Attention) through its entire concepts, with regard to information about the product, then it should raise the INTEREST (I – Interest) in the product at customers so that they will have a DESIRE (D – Desire) to own that product or they will even long for such ownership, and so that this desire can promptly become a challenge for ACTION (A – Action), i.e. a challenge leading to the purchase of the product, to filing a purchase order etc. Especially the current Z generation (people who were born from the mid 1990s to now), however, expects still more from the AIDA rule, and therefore marketing experts complete the well-known rule still with the fifth level, which is S – SATISFACTION. In this case the matter does not concern just a simple satisfaction, but also further recommendations of the product, including creation of the evaluation scale, qualitative comparative lists etc. In any case it is necessary to pay appropriate attention to packages because complementary aspects, such as user-friendly or unfriendly opening system, high-quality or poor-quality print on the package or material quality rating can be seen quite often in evaluations provided by respondents.


Package Must Sell!

It has already become a tradition that many producers of packages attend the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair. And the same will hold also for next spring, when this trade fair is to celebrate already the 26th edition of its organisation. The current world of packages is inherently and very closely connected with the world of advertising and press. And the marketing functions performed by packages have not been just an added value already for quite a long time, but belong, especially in case of consumer packages, among primary functions.


Subliminal advertising on the package must not be deceptive!


Besides direct (both mandatory and non-mandatory) texts, consumer packages offer also a large area for advertising purposes. The appearance of these notices, promotion texts, client competitions etc. is, however, not the only marketing possibility. Packages often have also subliminal effects on consumers, for example through their graphic expression, structure, colour etc. Even though Czech packages feature a high quality, their potential is unfortunately  not completely used yet in terms of their use for advertising notices or subliminal effects, which is a pity not only for producers of the goods, but also for consumers. The superstructure opportunities which packages can provide to products can be seen very often at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fair as well. Interesting possibilities presented by exhibitors from among package producers are not only a great inspiration for many visitors, but they can bring also a lot of interesting business opportunities for exhibitors.

ABF as a Partner at the Gala Evening for Handover of the Package of the Year Award

The SYBA Packaging Institute was a partner of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fairs in their last year’s edition and was also a sponsor of many professional events held right at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Prague Letňany. And it was for the first time in the history when exhibits were assessed right at the exhibition centre within the framework of the prestigious (and the only one on the Czech market) certified competition known as “Package of the Year”. Visitors could see all the exhibits as well because they were presented there. The partnership between the two entities continues at present as well.


Every year in autumn the SYBA Packaging Institute organises the international conference known as “Pack Summit”, which is followed by the ceremonial package Gala Evening with the handover of the Package of the Year award. ABF was a partner of both these events which were held this year on 4 October on the premises of the Academy of Sciences, in the conference hall of the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague.


Packsumit Dealt with the Topics Current (Not Only) for the World of Packaging

The international congress was organised in such a way that it could deal with virtually all current topics and challenges which the world of packaging as well as polygraphy is facing now or is going to face in the near future. From the viewpoint of actual packages, the congress was focused especially on foods and transport type of packing. Contributions focused on associated legislative, environmental as well as production-technological issues were not missing either. Excursions to the world of new types of packages (especially active and intelligent packing, biodegradable packaging materials etc.) or blockchain use possibilities (mainly bitcoin) are included as well. As far as marketing lectures are concerned, the mapping of various forms of approaches and behaviours of consumers from X, Y and Z generations is certainly worth noting.


Package of the Year – Travel from the Exhibition Centre to the Academy of Sciences

The expected Gala Evening was characterised not only by announcement of winners of the Package of the Year Awards in all the categories, including announcement of the main prizes, i.e. bronze, silver and gold medals of the Chairperson of the Jury or the Sympathy Award, but also by a large number of meetings or events. One of them was also the great packaging quiz. Successful winning packages which the visitors to the REKLAMA POLYGRAF OBALY Trade Fairs could see already in May this year at the Prague Exhibition Centre can be viewed on the web site of the event organiser, i.e. the SYBA Packaging Institute.

A Quarter Century of REKLAMA POLYGRAF Even in Connection with OBALY

REKLAMA POLYGRAF, one of the best known Czech trade fairs, in connection with the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair, celebrated already 25 years from its foundation in May this year. It was evaluated by both exhibitors and visitor as extremely successful. It was possible to see attractive expositions, interesting accompanying programmes, workshops (including popular car wrapping) or competitions. A matter of interest consisted of a range of premieres not only on the Czech marker, but even on the European stage.


This year’s edition was attended by 228 exhibitors from 10 countries of the world. In comparison to the previous edition in 2017, the trade fair registered an increase in the gross area sold (12,480 m2), as well as in terms of the number of visitors (8,852 visitors).


The high potential of interconnection of the Print&Packaging sectors attracts both exhibitors and visitors

An interesting shift which has, however, been known for several last years, is a greater rate of perception of interconnection of printing (especially in this year’s edition this trend concerns mainly digital technologies) with the world of packages. Interesting solutions, not only for “pure” polygraphy, but in particular for packaging experts, were offered virtually in all halls of the mutually interconnected trade fairs. Some leading producers of digital technologies or suppliers of materials not only changed their place if compared to previous editions, but they often extended their exhibition areas in a significant way as well, so that they can better demonstrate their sophisticated technologies. Among the largest and at the same time frequently visited expositions, very popular with visitors, it is necessary to mention presentation of well-known brands, such as Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Spandex, Xerox, DataLine Technology (representing especially HP Indigo in the Czech Republic) or Nanotec.


A number of premieres especially from the field of digital print applications

It was for the first time in the Czech Republic when Canon presented its large-format roll-to-roll printer OCÉ Coloredo 1640, whose patented ink type Canon UV gel features virtually immediate adhesion to the print substrate surface. Also the unique HP Indigo 12000 (exposition of DataLine Technology) machine had its Czech premiere. The break-through digital high-end printing technology “Xerox Iridesse Production Press” was presented for the first time in Europe just at the Prague Exhibition Centre.

Naturally, it was possible to see a lot of news from the world of advertising print applications as well. Many innovations of this type were presented by Ricoh in the form of direct prints of textiles.


Interesting accompanying programmes

The accompanying programmes were not missing at the exhibition centre either. The competition known as Calendar 2018, where altogether 91 registered calendars were assessed, was traditionally held there as well. Ceremonial handover of al prizes of the 15th edition of the competition for the best signmaking implementation for the Czech and Slovak markets, known as “Rainbow Beam” took place at the PVA EXPO Prague in the Congress Hall. Another interesting event was the expert discussion meeting known as “one Hundred Years of Advertising (1918 – 2018)”.

Also this year the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair was organised under the expert auspices of the SYBA Packaging Institute, which acted there at the same time also as a sponsor of a number of events and programmes, including the conference entitled “Packaging Design Specialities”. An innovation which the Packaging Institute “brought” to the Exhibition Centre was presentation and evaluation of exhibits of the prestigious certified national competition known as “Package of the Year” award. 


The preparations for the next edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF PACKAGING International Trade Fair are just starting. Take advantage of early bird rates which are valid until 31 October 2018.  The application form can be found in the section For exhibitors or here.

Announcement - activities of fraudulent firms!

Company ABF, a.s. dissociates itself from the practices of companies International Fair Trade, Expo Guide, MULPOR Company S.A., FAIR Guide, Construct Data, which offer the publication of company data in the internet catalog of trade fairs and exhibitors.


Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR 1200 per year.


Furthermore, ABF, a.s. declares that it has never granted the mentioned companies permission to use or promote the protected names or logos of trade fairs organized by ABF, a. s. and to address individual exhibitors on behalf of the organizer of the fair.

The International Trade Fair REKLAMA POLYGRAF for the twenty-fifth time this year

The largest meeting of professionals from the field of advertising and printing services, marketing, media and packaging in Central Europe took place from 29 to 31 May 2018 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany. This year’s edition was very rich again, and popular competitions, exhibition events, lectures or workshops organised directly at the expositions of individual exhibitors were not missing either.


This year the trade fair celebrated its 25th anniversary and prepared attractive expositions for visitors with a lot of innovations. The visitors whose number was 8,852 this year found their favourites there without any doubt - the trade fair event offered presentations of 228 firms from 10 countries on a gross exhibition area of 12,480 square metres.

Innovations of digital printing and refinement were presented at the trade fair


In the Hall no. 4, DATALINE TECHNOLOGY, a.s. presented the unique printing machine “HP Indigo 12000” for the first time in the Czech Republic (there are five of these machines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at present).  Presentations with demonstrations of digital print and the use of this machine for advertising agencies and designers took place at the exhibition at the stand of the firm for the entire term of the trade fair.

                Bitcon presented to the trade fair visitors a representative of the new Versa UV – S Series, a unique belt printer with a sliding belt for a universal solution of the UV printing process, which offers a possibility of printing on objects as high as 200 mm with a weight of 100kg/m2.  The visitors could find also an offer of UV technologies of the Roland brand at the stand, with an entire range of UV printers, from desktop printers of the LEF series for printing on advertising objects or industrial parts and prototypes to a hybrid printer for printing on roll as well as board materials of the LEJ-640 type.

                A trendy matter in the field of digital printing is to offer an added value not only in the form of high-quality prints, but also in the area of subsequent finishing and refinement. Konica Minolta presented its offer at the trade fair just by means of various demonstrations of applications of digital 3D refinement of printed matters by using the MGI JetVarnish technology, through applications of UV varnish and metallic foils. Besides a better visual impression, this technology adds also a touch dimension to printing applications.

                It was possible to see unprecedented possibilities of digital printing and unbelievable, inspiring applications by using the Océ elevated printing technology at the exposition of Canon. The trade fair visitors were the first people in the Czech Republic that got familiar with the large-format roll-to-roll printer OCÉ COLOREDO 1640 with a width of 64 inches, which uses the new UV gel printing technology. The Canon UV gel ink is typical of its immediate “adhesion” to the surface.

                XEROX presented news as well. One of its innovations was the breakthrough digital high-end printing technology which was there even for the first time in Europe. Besides the actual technology, the visitors could see also its further possibilities useable in the field of refinement or finishing processes. This included also demonstrations of production of digitally printed packages, including finishing with the help of hot sleeking and die cutting by using the KAMA machine.


Presentations of other exhibitors were attractive too…


New trends were brought by some exhibitors directly from FESPA and were presented by them to visitors in Prague at the Letňany Exhibition Centre. Such companies as RICOH, Spandex or Slovakia-based Nanotec welcomed their customers with large expositions.

In the polygraph section, visitors could see expositions of such firms as Canon, HSW Signall, Comimpex, Papyrus, Bitcon, Tepede, Profisign, Electron, COMAC, OKI and other well-known companies. Some firms changed, in comparison to previous years, their places as well as exposition areas which were often markedly larger.      

                One of the largest expositions was presented by Spandex, whose exhibition area of 320 m2 reached across the entire width of the Hall no. 4. Spandex represents world brands and offers a wide range of materials for signmaking and digital printing. The company has been very successful in the textile segment already for the second year, which means that every year it extends its offer of textile materials, and this year the trade fair visitors could see, with their own eyes, really interesting materials and applications. A special bonus was an arranger with printed samples and a lecture specially focused on textile materials and applications held every day. The company also extends its own brand ImagePerfect™ and this year it would like to focus more on the board materials. The large offer of this company includes foils of virtually all types, whether the matter concerns cast, rolled or special foils.

                A part of the stand of the 3M Company was the original delivery with 3M products and demonstrative presentations of applications from a certified application engineer.

                Ricoh having its stand at the beginning of the Hall no. 4 prepared various news in the form of a technology used for direct printing on textile products known as DTG, communication and imaging technologies, including cloud solutions, and presented innovations and available improvements for production printing machines in its range. A new printing technology marked as Pro C7200SX was presented in the production segment at the stand. In the DTG – direct to garment - segment, Ricoh presented technologies with direct printing on textile products, Ri 3000 and Ri 6000 printing equipment.

The 4ISP company prepared a special innovation for the trade fair - it is applied to fabrics and consists of the Relicut marking laser, which is able to cut the textile before sewing to the right cutting format in a few seconds and then recurrently according to the drawing entered in the machine. In addition to the cutting of fabrics and marking of images and ornaments it is possible to use the new type of the laser also for other decoration purposes. For example, some firms use the marking CO2 laser for creation of an effect of washed-out and ironed jeans. The CO2 laser is able to create the same effect in a few tens of seconds, cleanly and in an environment-friendly manner without using any additives or chemicals and absolutely without any waste.


A view of the world of advertising


The world of advertising is naturally associated with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair. Besides the advertising textiles and stationery, it is also USB units or flash disks that are popular useful advertising objects. A specialist in IT gifts of all types is ZPROGOteam. Advertising, promotional as well as festive types of high-quality chocolates were not missing at the stand of the well-known supplier, the company Čokoládovny Fikar, s.r.o.”.

The firms offering advertising textile products organised their presentations in a grand style this year, of which the trade fair visitors could make sure at expositions of such firms as Adler, T-SHIRTS 4U, Sportica, Cotton Classics, Taurus Textil, Alex Fox, Kapatex, Alpitrex and others. The Austria-based company Falk&Ross presented several collections of various brands, of which e.g. the SG brand offered a hot innovation - printable canvas shoes SG Footprints. It does not matter whether you decide for digital printing, transfer printing or embroidery – SG Footprints are created by your fantasy, and therefore they are unique. It was possible to see advertising textile exhibits of a premium quality also at the stand of Silic Média, where visitors could choose from a wide range of products – from classical clothing to work clothes, overalls, business textile and functional sports clothing.

Embroidery machines were traditionally presented at the trade fair by expositions of such firms as Nedbal Trading, Šicí technika Brother, Tama Bohemia or Stick. Visitors could find laser etching, cutting or CNC machines for example at such stands as Uhal Trade, 4isp, HaWe systems or Pilart.

Also this year it was possible to see at the trade fair interesting presentations of companies representing the nomenclature of advertising and gift objects, such as Brand Gifts, Náramky 24, Chocolissimo, Grapp, Repre and companies from the digital signage sector (Rex).



Interconnection of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs


Besides manufacturers of packaging systems, the exhibition area offered also various presentations of suppliers of materials, including such companies as Antalis or Papyrus.

                The OTK Group is one of the largest manufacturers of labels on our market. In addition to various types of labels, the trade fair visitors could see also special or flexible packages, including Smart Pack.

                The attractiveness of packages connected with the use of paper and cardboard materials with surface finishing using special foils (silver, gold, holograph) was demonstrated at the trade fair by Achilles CZ s.r.o. Specialities of the printing art were presented by Ottova tiskárna, which has been building upon quality of polygraph and printing staff for a long time. Apart from the wide range of printing applications, the company manufactures also tailor-made gift bags, which were made according to customer wishes at the company’s stand in the view of visitors on a tailor-made basis.

                The professional partner of the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair was the Czech Packaging Institute SYBA this year as well, which was also the sponsor of a number of accompanying events and programmes. The established prestigious certified nation-wide competition known as “Package of the Year” was newly presented as a simultaneous event with the trade fair.


Car wrapping is coming back


At this year’s trade fair it was again possible to see car wrapping, which is still popular and demanded. All-day presentations of a professional car wrapper were prepared for those who like this technology, with possibilities of individual consultations, and those interested could even enjoy their own testing of materials.

Accompanying programme of the trade fair


An all-day-long specialised accompanying programme took place for all the time of the trade fair at individual expositions of large exhibitors. A professional discussion meeting entitled “One Hundred Years of Advertising (1918-2018)” was prepared for pre-registered participants on the second day of the trade fair. Like every year, the results of the competitions “Calendar 2018” and “Rainbow Beam 2017” were announced within the framework of the trade fair. Altogether 91 registered works were evaluated in the Calendar 2018 competition. The winner in the desk calendar category was “Typographicus 2018​” which was registered by Formall CWS s.r.o. The prize of the public was awarded to the calendar entitled “I Love Prague 2018” registered by the company “Miluju Prahu, s r.o.”. The GRAND PRIX award was won by the National Theatre Ballet for the calendar entitled “National Theatre Ballet 2018”. The Expert Jury assessed this calendar as the best one of all registered calendars, thanks to the collection of black-and-white authentic photographs illustrating the background of the artistic world, because of its simplicity, high quality of the black-and-white photographs and polygraph processing.

Altogether 57 works were registered in the 15th edition of the competition for the best signmaking realisation of 2017 for the Czech and Slovak markets, known as the Rainbow Beam. The ceremonial handover of all prizes took place on the second day of the trade fair.

The already 6th edition of the trade fair for event services known as Event Day was held simultaneously on 30 May 2018 in the Hall no. 2 with participation of 59 exhibiting firms this year.

Innovation for Textile from 4iSP at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair

Innovation for Textile from 4iSP at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair


Cutting the textile for the right cut before sewing

The Marking Laser of a new generation which is to be presented by 4isp at the trade fair is able to cut the textile to the right cut within a few seconds and repeatedly according to the drawing specified. Unlike the classical cutting technologies, there are no problems with a blunt tool and related differences in the quality of the cut during the time. Thanks to elimination of the exchange or sharpening of cutting tools it is possible to markedly shorten servicing intervals or outages of the machine.


Laser use in the textile industry

Another very frequent use of lasers in the textile industry is based on the marking on textiles. Thanks to the heating of just the uppermost layer of the textile it is possible to use the laser technology for the burning of any picture on textiles or another organic material. The marking with a laser is very fast and can be used to almost all types of textiles. For most materials (including the wood) you yourself decide whether you want to have visible burn-off or not in the resulting graphics.


Do you know that CO2 laser is used to create the effect of washed-out and ironed jeans?

Besides the cutting of textiles and marking of images and ornaments it is possible to use the new type of lasers for other decoration purposes as well. For example, some firms use the marking CO2 laser to create an effect of washed-out and ironed jeans. This makes it possible to eliminate the chemical or mechanical process for creating the washing-out effect consisting of several stages. CO2 laser is able to create the same effect in a few tens of seconds, cleanly and in an environment-friendly way without using any additional substances or chemicals and fully free of any waste. The only sources which are necessary is a common power supply socket and skilled machine operators having the final quality and appearance of the product in their hands.


Eurazio center – the largest laser and CNC presentation and sales centre in Europe

4isp offers CO2 marking lasers “Relicut” intended for the textile industry. It is always good to test lasers with “your” materials and applications. The fact is that there are many types of lasers on the market and for the right choice it is useful to understand the details and differences for particular production. For this reason it is very important to test materials and machines still before their purchase, which is the most important step for both the customer and seller. Everybody is interested in making the right choice. And just for this reason 4isp will open the Eurazio center – the largest laser and CNC presentation and sales centre – already this summer. It will be the place where you can try your materials and applications on multiple machines. You can compare the time, consumptions of assistance gases, quality of cutting or marking, machine maintenance costs, comfort or limitations of the operators’ work etc., which helps you to make a better decision. Already from 1 August 2018 the sellers and technicians will be fully at your disposal in the newly opened Eurazio center in Modletice, near Prague.  And the subsequent very important two hours spent in the showroom at the machines can help you with your decisions.

Exhibitors to Reveal Their First Runs at the Trade Fair


The jubilee edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair is quickly approaching, and leading world players who are represented in our market will not be missing at the PVA EXPO Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre in any case. Some of them even, already at least partially, start to reveal the news which they intend to present at the Exhibition Centre. What can one look forward to in the area of digital printing from such companies as Canon or Xerox?


New OCÉ COLORADO will have its first run in Letňany

Canon will present OCÉ COLORADO 1640 for the first time in the Czech Republic at all. The large-format roll-to-roll printer with a width of 64 inches uses the new printing technology known as UV gel. The Canon UV gel ink features immediate “adhesion” to the surface. The result is given by the controlled and highly precise placement of the print drop with its minimum enlargement. Thanks to minimisation of the ink dispersion into the surroundings, as well as limitation of its confluence on the medium it is possible to print out the required ink volume in each passage, which significantly accelerates the production process. The print outputs are thus characterised by a rich and intensive image also at high speeds. The outputs created with the help of the UV gel technology are immediately dry thanks to the independent state-of-the-art system of the low-temperature LED UV process. Océ Colorado 1640 is an ideal printer for production of materials intended for indoor as well as outdoor use, including folders, banners, outdoor signage, sales promotion materials, billboards, window graphics, labels and bespoke wallpapers.


Breakthrough technologies will be presented by Xerox

Also XEROX will present interesting news at the Prague Exhibition Centre and one of these innovations will have its first run there not only at a national level but also from the European point of view. It will be the breakthrough digital high-end print technology by Xerox. Apart from the actual technology, it will be possible to get familiar also with other of its possibilities useable in the area of refinement or final processing. The presentation will include also demonstrations of production of digitally printed packages, including finishing with the help of hot stamping and cutting out on the KAMA machine. Besides the above mentioned news, the Xerox company’s representatives will demonstrate also the well-proven machines of the Xerox Versant, Xerox C60/70 series and a software tool for automation of the FreeFlow Core pre-print preparation. And it will be possible to take part also in a discussion concerning new trends in the field of digital printing which include maximum simplification and effectiveness of the print production and at the same time an offer of other print benefits, especially in the field of finishing and refinement.




Digital Printing News for Polygraphy Presented at the Trade Fair

Many exhibitors presenting digital machines focus on customers from the polygraphy sector as well as on packaging specialists, and especially due to them it is possible to find large-format machines among the innovations presented. A trendy strategy in the field of digital printing is to offer an added value not only in the field of high-quality printing but also the subsequent finishing and refinement. In the case of modern digital printing it is possible to see also the possibilities of digital sleeking, structural varnishing or implementation of metallic effects.


DataLine and HP Indigo

The first digital printing machines of the B2 format were presented already at Drupa 2012 and enjoyed an enormous interest. The development of large-format digital machines has further continued since that time. The Dataline Technology company will present the unique printing machine “HP Indigo 12000” in the Czech Republic for the first time. One of large benefits of this technology is the possibility of implementation of jobs at larger volumes at a digital machine of the B2 format. Another advantage of the B2 format is naturally the printing of the jobs which cannot be suitably implemented on the A3+ machine in terms of formats. This may typically concern printed matters of the A4 format in a landscape form, book wrappers, folders with turnovers and other products. Another possibility is the printing of boxes which could be implemented on smaller machines in a very limited way only, and printing of bags which could not be implemented at all. The printing of posters is a matter-of-course.


Konica Minolta and added value of printing

Besides its current range of digital printing machines of the AccurioPress series, the well-known digital technology market player, Konica Minolta, will present at the Exhibition Centre also the application aimed at extended reality and known as KM Vision, Calso printing calculations or examples of the industrial use of inkjet printing heads “Konica Minolta”. Various possibilities of advanced refinement and finishing will not be missing either. From this product range the company will present there various possibilities of digital 3D finishing of prints by using the MGI JetVarnish technology, with applications of UV varnish and metallic foils. A benefit is easy and fast application of partial pressure. Basically it is sufficient to specify the places which need emphasising or application of the 3D effect and the JETVARNISH 3DS machine will apply partial pressure with the help of Konica Minolta inkjet heads. This means that the entire process takes place without any complicated preparation and thanks to the UV technology the output is immediately cured and prepared for further processing. Thanks to the fact that digital printing (unlike conventional prints) facilitates personalisation of prints without any additional cost increase, every printout may have its unique design.


Insight into the advertising world

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair is naturally connected with the advertising world. Besides advertising textiles and office supplies, also USB or flash disks belong among   popular useful office objects. Flash disks provide their users not only with practical benefits in the form of their use, but they refer to their donor also through the logo used. The print can be implemented in various ways, at present most frequently in a digital way, by way of pad printing (tampography) or screen process printing. And if you want a gift in the form of a flash disk to be still more expressive, it is possible to add another promotional accent through an untraditional shape.


IT gift fulfils an advertising function on a long-term basis

It is a well-known fact that a disk need not be, by far, the only “computer” gift which fulfils a promotional function. The ZPROGOteam company is a specialist for IT gifts of all types. The offer of this supplier includes, apart from flash disks, also power banks, selfie bars, etc. The relative innovations in the product range include also a video booklet representing an absolutely unique connection of the image, sound and emotions. The LCD display is embedded in luxurious covers which are printed in the company’s own design. The high-quality sound is distributed from the loudspeaker which is embedded in the cover system. As soon as the covers are opened, the video presentation starts in an automatic way. You can use the video booklet for the VIP presentation of the firm, exhibitions, service projects, new products, PR, anniversaries, original thanks, training or as an invitation card.


Would you prefer an advertising tray, cup or magnetic card? Or whatever else …..?

Even though the today’s period of tablets and laptops makes it possible to control the IT means in a touch manner, many users prefer a mouse during their work with PC. Interesting advertising pads under your mouse are supplied by NOEX Sp. z o.o. S.K.  This company is, by the way, a specialist focused on advertising pads of all kinds. With its product range it can serve also for inspiration; and you will see that for advertising purposes it is possible to use, for example, also coin systems, trays or gadgets of various types. Among important suppliers of a number of advertising objects it is necessary to mention also the badge 4U company which is not to be missing at the Letňany Exhibition Centre in May either. This means that visitors can get themselves familiar, in Hall 3, with a really wide product range in the form of openers, car fragrances, magnetic cards, self-adhesives, hangers etc., which can be purposefully used again for promotion of the firm in the form of B2B gifts. Also the K-Square s. r. o. company has a wide offer of articles. The highly demanded service includes also production of corporate cups where really everybody can choose from the wide offer of shapes and designs.


An advertising sweet point at the end

And to the very end – an advertising article need not be necessarily a thing with a long lifetime. Very popular giveaways are also advertising types of candies, mainly chocolates. And chocolates will not be missing at this year’s trade fair either. Advertising, promotional as well as festive types of high-quality chocolates will not be missing at the stand of the well-known supplier, the Čokoládovny Fikar, s.r.o. company, which is a traditional manufacturer of hollow figures and other special advertising chocolate products.


Selection of high-quality materials is important

Suppliers of materials will present their offers on the exhibition area at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair as well. No matter whether main attention is paid to packaging, POS or a particular type of advertising announcement of area or spatial nature, all these tools depend not only on the quality of print or production, but the resulting perception is given quite often just by the selection of high-quality materials.



Solution for standard manufacturers as well as creative designers


Printing, packaging, office as well as technical materials are offered by a leading European supplier having its representation on the Czech market as well, namely Papyrus.

Apart from standard series of paper, smooth as well as corrugated cardboards, this company supplies many special applications too. They include also the Gmund Wood materials offered now on an exclusive basis within the Papyrus Specials collection. Gmund Wood is available in two surfaces - Solid and Veneer. Solid follows up to the former Savanna collection and reminds high-quality solid wood. Original wood relief stamping is visible on the surface. Unlike this, Solid reminds veneer through its structure. The slightly bright finish increases this impression and provides paper with additional protection.


Quality for signmaking from Spandex


Spandex represents world famous brands and offers a wide range of materials for signmaking and digital print. The rich offer of the company includes also various foils, virtually of all types, whether they are cast, rolled or special foils. Customers’ demand is highly concentrated on cast foils, and although they represent a more expensive variant they can outweigh this “disadvantage” several times, especially at applying stickers to corporate vehicles, thanks to their properties. These foils are an optimum solution for really extreme situations in the exterior, and therefore they are appreciated on a long-term basis mainly by car rental companies focused on cars with stickers. Cast foils are very stable; they almost do not shrink at all. They are basically thinner and softer, and for this reason they are easier to process (cutting, peeling off and application). Cast foils are at the same time suitable also for irregular subbase, for example on rivets or textures.