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Trade Fair - Reklama Polygraf

Event description

Characteristics of the trade fair


  • The biggest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe
  • In 2017 it will be the 24th edition of this trade fair
  • Focusing on technology and materials for production of advertisement, sign making, printing,        
  • POP / POS, promotional gifts and associated services
  • Regular participation of leading Czech and foreign companies, producers and suppliers
  • Prestigious meeting point for professionals from advertising industry
  • The event is intended for visitors from advertising agencies, producers, clients etc.
  • Trade fair annually presents the latest news and trends
  • Professional accompanying program, guaranteed by specialists
  • Contracting-selling Fair


Simultaneously with Reklama Polygraf are held events Event Day Prague.


Why to take part in Reklama Polygraf

  • Long tradition
  • High attendance of professionals
  • Specialist  trade fair
  • The only trade fair of its kind in the Czech Republic
  • High level of exhibitors
  • Wide nomenclature, covering all aspects of advertising communication
  • Cooperation with professional media
  • Participation of specialists
  • Targeted addressing of experts from home and abroad
  • Free admission tickets for business partners
  • Wide portfolio of services for exhibitors
  • Catalogue with profiles of exhibitors
  • Modern exhibition grounds with 3,000 parking spaces
  • Specialised accompanying program - conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Media campaign targeted at visitors - in the Czech Republic and abroad


Facts about Reklama Polygraf 2016

Date: 10 - 12 May, 2016  
Total number of exhibitors: 212  
Number of foreign exhibitors: 34  
Gross exhibition area: 7,700 m  
Number of visitors: 12 341
Foreign visitors: 1 623


Facts about Reklama Polygraf 2015

Date: 12 - 14 May, 2015  
Total number of exhibitors: 230  
Number of foreign exhibitors: 32  
Gross exhibition area: 11,200 m  
Number of visitors: 8 278
Foreign visitors: 1 623

Facts about Reklama Polygraf 2014

Date: 13 - 15 May, 2014  
Total number of exhibitors: 236 
Number of foreign exhibitors: 23  
Gross exhibition area: 11,200 m  
Number of visitors: 8 212  
Foreign visitors: 1 238 

Important dates

The first closing deadline at preferential prices for the lease of the exhibition area December 30, 2016
The second closing deadline at preferential prices for the lease of the exhibition area January 31, 2017

Final report 2017

Enquiry participation
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