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Digital Print at the Exhibition Centre to Address Packaging Experts Too

The exhibitors dealing with production and supplies of digital printing equipment (especially printing plotters) have been represented at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair for a number of years, and the same will held for the edition of 2018 as well. Modern producers of digital machines try to develop technologies in such a manner that they can correspond to the widest possible range of materials, while providing excellent quality as a special bonus. And yet there is a significant development step which is surely to be registered by both exhibitors and visitors. Whilst until recently digital printing was focused mainly on the area of pure polygraphy, advertising or signmaking, at present the development is concentrated on packages. This means that machines of larger formats are offered for materials featuring higher basis weights so that they can be useable in the world of packaging as much as possible. Thanks to the developed automation it is possible to print many more orders at lower printing circulations already now. Not speaking about the possibilities of personalisation which belongs among main tools for addressing individual customers.


At the Exhibition Centre it will be possible to get familiar with products and services of DATALINE  TECHNOLOGY, a.s., representing a leading company in the field of digital print - HP Indigo, this year as well. It is just these machines that started to be used some time ago by our leading manufacturers of labels for their first personalised labels. At present it is possible to meet HP machines also in the field of production of personalised packages more and more often. Besides the high quality of the HP print it offers also top-quality application SW for preparation of personalised data. At present the HP Mosaic application seems to be an absolute hit. With the help of this function, the designer is able to generate from one graphic design virtually an infinite number of different variants. This application is used during the data preparation not only by smaller producers, but also by such giants as Coca Cola or Heineken.


XEROX to increase colour gamut application possibilities!

Another leading manufacturer of digital printers is also the XEROX company, whose flagship is Xerox iGen 5. A hot innovation placed in our market is for this machine at present an attractive white colour which completes the orange, blue and green complementary direct colours presented already earlier and the clear toner.

An advantage of the new toner is its whiteness and high density achieved during the printing process, and therefore printing of a single layer is sufficient for most printing applications. In the case of special effects it is possible to automatically print two layers or to add another layer on a manual basis if required. Xerox obtained the “MUST SEE ‘EMS” award for 2017 in the digital printing category for its white toner.



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