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Exhibitors to Reveal Their First Runs at the Trade Fair

The jubilee edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair is quickly approaching, and leading world players who are represented in our market will not be missing at the PVA EXPO Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre in any case. Some of them even, already at least partially, start to reveal the news which they intend to present at the Exhibition Centre. What can one look forward to in the area of digital printing from such companies as Canon or Xerox?

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Digital Printing News for Polygraphy Presented at the Trade Fair

Many exhibitors presenting digital machines focus on customers from the polygraphy sector as well as on packaging specialists, and especially due to them it is possible to find large-format machines among the innovations presented. A trendy strategy in the field of digital printing is to offer an added value not only in the field of high-quality printing but also the subsequent finishing and refinement. In the case of modern digital printing it is possible to see also the possibilities of digital sleeking, structural varnishing or implementation of metallic effects.

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Insight into the advertising world

The REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair is naturally connected with the advertising world. Besides advertising textiles and office supplies, also USB or flash disks belong among   popular useful office objects. Flash disks provide their users not only with practical benefits in the form of their use, but they refer to their donor also through the logo used. The print can be implemented in various ways, at present most frequently in a digital way, by way of pad printing (tampography) or screen process printing. And if you want a gift in the form of a flash disk to be still more expressive, it is possible to add another promotional accent through an untraditional shape.

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Selection of high-quality materials is important

Suppliers of materials will present their offers on the exhibition area at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair as well. No matter whether main attention is paid to packaging, POS or a particular type of advertising announcement of area or spatial nature, all these tools depend not only on the quality of print or production, but the resulting perception is given quite often just by the selection of high-quality materials.

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POPAI to be present at the Exhibition Centre as well

POPAI is an international non-profit organisation, whose mission is marketing support in the point of sale and its representation in the form of POPAI Central Europe, which is a Central-European branch of the world association, and will be present, like usual, at the Exhibition Centre in Letňany too. 


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What type of exhibitors can be expected by trade fair visitors this year?

It is mainly suppliers of digital machines that are to be plentifully represented within the framework of the two trade fairs at the Exhibition Centre in May. Besides the polygraph production, leading manufacturers active in the field of digital print focus their activities on producers of packages more and more often. Visitors coming to the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair will be able to look forward again to expositions of the most important players on the Czech market – such companies as Xerox, Spandex, Dataline, Ricoh or Slovakia-based Nanotec will welcome their customers with their extensive expositions.

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Digital Print at the Exhibition Centre to Address Packaging Experts Too

The exhibitors dealing with production and supplies of digital printing equipment (especially printing plotters) have been represented at the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair for a number of years, and the same will held for the edition of 2018 as well. Modern producers of digital machines try to develop technologies in such a manner that they can correspond to the widest possible range of materials, while providing excellent quality as a special bonus. And yet there is a significant development step which is surely to be registered by both exhibitors and visitors. Whilst until recently digital printing was focused mainly on the area of pure polygraphy, advertising or signmaking, at present the development is concentrated on packages. This means that machines of larger formats are offered for materials featuring higher basis weights so that they can be useable in the world of packaging as much as possible. Thanks to the developed automation it is possible to print many more orders at lower printing circulations already now. Not speaking about the possibilities of personalisation which belongs among main tools for addressing individual customers.

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REKLAMA POLYGRAF to Celebrate a Quarter of a Century

The jubilee 25th edition of the International trade fair REKLAMA POLYGRAF, which is a unique platform for the sharing of news, will be held from 29 May to 31 May 2018. Modern and attractive expositions of Czech and foreign firms, manufacturers and suppliers from the field of advertising and communication will be offered by the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre under one roof.

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Industrial print in polygraphy or polygraphy in the industrial production?

The inkjet printing technology moves the limits of printing from the field of standard polygraphy to other production industries.

If you want to learn more information, please come to visit, on the second day of the trade fair, the lecture presented by Mr. Luboš Škoda, Industrial Printing Specialist from Konica Minolta.

The aim of the lecture is to inspire visitors to think about other possibilities of applications and thus to develop new business opportunities.

Within the framework of the lecture we will present the printing technology using the inkjet printing head “Konica Minolta” and general possibilities of applications of inkjet printing in the real life around us. We will deal with possibilities of implementation of the inkjet industrial printing, especially in the segments of direct printing of objects and textile materials, and also with possibilities of integration of inkjet printing heads in polygraph machines, processing both sheet and reel materials. We will present state-of-the-art trends associated with development of the industrial inkjet technology, the latest projects and implementations.

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