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Printing in Firms Is Changing. In What Way Will It Develop in 2020?

(Part 1)


Digitalisation is changing the world, and protection of the environment affects all sectors. And manufacturers of printing equipment will also have to ask the question in what direction to set out in the years to come. The year 2020 is bringing a lot of challenges. What are the main five trends inevitably affecting the printing sector? We are introducing these trends briefly and gradually in two teasers intended (not only) for exhibitors and visitors of the best-known Czech trade fair for printing, advertising and packaging, known as Reklama Polygraf Obaly.


Wider portfolio of multifunction printers

The support of platforms for storage and distribution of documents in cloud as well as local corporate systems is more important than ever before. According to the MPS 2019 study made by the Quocirca company, more than 80 % of the firms using Managed Print Services consider modern smart functions to be very important. According to the results, 76 % of companies further realise that digitalisation of paper processes will play a key role for business by 2025. That is why consumers logically require further extension of the range of services which still does not match their needs. The trend set up by the development of smart phones, tablets and TV sets full of applications has gradually moved also towards the printing sector. “Thanks to smart printers it is possible to work with digital documents on one click without switching on a computer, which saves both time and money. Some printers of Xerox include already pre-installed applications as well as business tools for applications which we can prepare for clients on a tailor-made basis,” describes the latest development Ondřej Vltavský, Product Manager of Xerox.


Environmental sustainability

Various issues concerning the environment have become one of the main topics in many sectors, and the printing sector is not an exception. The pressure of consumers is so intense that an environment-friendly approach is basically a necessity for manufacturers of printing equipment. This involves the use of recycled paper, planting of new trees for each felled one. These are just some of the possibilities of new development that the company may follow.